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PostSubject: ULTIMATE VENO VITALITY BUILD!   Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:05 am

Welcome to
FlamingChill's one and only Vitality Build Guide for venomancers!

Pros and Cons
Pros- Decent HP, Decent Phys Def, HIGH mag def if you use arcane armor, PROVEN 25% chance of surviving more then a Magic Pure veno
Cons- Lower damage at higher lvls(Around 60+), Must switch build when you hit lv70(aka GrindFest USA) to the normal Pure Magic Veno(This is optional but it will speed up the grind process) *Edit* Once you hit Lv70, Go for the Leather Rifle build(see below) if you chose pistol. If you chose lather rifle, stay or change to pure magic (+5 mag - +4 mag +1 str(You know the drill))

Stat Distribution
Alternate between +4 mag +1 str and +4 mag +1 vit
Get +Magic and +Vitality Gear and ESPECIALLY Get +Phys def gear
The +Magic and + Phys Def more important then Vitality
OR You can go for the Metal Pistol Build(The above was Leather Rifle)
+3 mag +2 vit, +3 mag +1 str +1 vit. A lot less damage, a lot more uhhhh survivalbility. Also when you have sockets, use them ASAP. Even if you can't afford Average Shards. I, personally, like to put in common phys def shards, and HP shards. For the magic weapons, put magic atk shards obviously, to make up for our low attack. Im sorta dissapointed about what my chracter menu says:
Magic Damage = 2534 - 2860 And Im Lv64 T.T I've Seen Lower lvl(Like Lv60) wizards with 2700-3100 magic damage...

Why would I do Vitality Build?
Well being a vitality build venomancer is perfect. With all my phys def and equally good mag def, I get a 30% damage reducement from phys atk(Turns into 45%+ in foxform) and Still manage to get 60%+ damage reducement from magic atk
Vitality Build Venomancers do extremely well in the higher lvls 60+, Since, even though damage output is lower, You can take a LOT of hits if you lose arrgo. Vitality build gives more damage then light armor build, because You only focus on Magic, Str, and Vit, while Light armor requires a lot of dex str. And vitality build veno doesnt need a lot of str like light armor does, and doesnt need any dex at all, giving all those dex/str pts a chance to be in magic, to intensify your damage! And by the way, Heavy Armor, I will slaughter you if i ever meet you. *Grabs Ancient Arbor*

What about Skills?
Well......*Takes Deep Breath*
Venomous Scarab- No matter what build, max it out ASAP
Ironwood Scarab- Same goes for above, max it out ASAP, the phys def reducer makes your pet kill faster
Blazing Scarab- Keep it Lv1, Mine is lv3 though because I tend to do bosses a lot and DoTs are nice
Frost Scarab- Keep it Lv1, It costs 1 spark for BARELY a chance of freezing. Don't buy it at all if you want.
Noxious Gas- Its a decent AoE, pulls arrgo too many times though. I'd say max it when you have the money and spirit.
Lucky Scarab- Really nice stun with HIGH chance of stunning. I'd say max it when you have money and spirit.
Parasitic Nova- Make it stay at Lv1. For a veno's ulti skill, It sorta sucks. 2 spark cost and only a chance of choatic effect. The damage is high, but requires to much to cast. Really good to use during bosses if your solo-ing.
Wood Mastery- Max ASAP

Foxform- Max it to Lv3. A vitality build veno plays a lot with this skill. The +120% of max phys def is NICE, its 'Perfect' for escapes
Foxform Attacks- Keep all of them lv1 except for 1 of the following 2: Befuddling Mist or leech. Leech is highly recomended since its like an HP potion. Mist is OK(edit by Yourmom) I kept mine at Lv3. According to one of the posters, try getting both, lower accuracy will cause you to use Leech less often, saving MP.
Foxform Debuffs- Amplify damage max it when you have money. The other ones....well vitality build venos.....we sorta just need amplify damage. Uh Purge is nice too. If you go sage it becomes an AoE i think. Pretty cool stuff. Max before you hit 60....or ASAP.
Melee Mastery- Get it, if you plan on playing with Foxform A LOT. I personally only keep it at Lv5...I might lvl it on later. Doesnt know if it makes much difference >.>

Summer Sprint- Max it ASAP. Nice speed, perfect for a stylish get away. Not that the Vitality Build Venos are scared though
Metalic Boost and Nature's Grace- Max when you can. They work just like 5 minute cooldown charms lol. Great chain with Soul Transfusion
Lending Hand- Get it as soon as your lv46. Perfect to help barbarians tank bosses. Pretty much why venos are liked by barbs, and to keep arrgo. Even if barb loses it, Vitality will save your ass.
Bramble Guard and Bramble Hood- MAX ASAP! No matter if PvE or PvP this is your best support buff possible! Hood is KILLER KILLER KILLER during PvP
Soul Transfusion-Get it once u hit Lv29. Makes a great combo with Metalic Boost and Nature's Grace.
Spark Eruption- Of course you should get this. More Dmg= Faster Kill = Faster Lvl = Less grind time = happy you
Swimming Mastery- Get it. Faster swimming, low cost. Water speed helps in those higher lvl with Water Mob quests. *Edit* Seriously, GET IT NAO!

Vitality Build Venomancer Perfect Pets
Now theres a HUGE debate on this, so I'll say one sentence. "Vitality Build Venomancers only require what normal PvE venomancers need but with a few exceptions."

Normal Non-Rare Pets-
Crystalline Magmite(Lv17) - Awesome pet overall, good tank, if you got cash your willing to throw in, put flesh ream for more pet damage or put in howl for more magic damage.

Soulchaser Antelope(Lv54) - The reason why I recomend this pet is because of 3 reasons, First of all, Its a nice magic tank, 3rd to Frog i think. Second, It has Lv3 Howl, perfect for dealing more magic damage that us Vit-no's(Vitality venos) lack. Finally, it also is a cheap alternative to frog.

Cactopod(Lv4-13 ones only) - These guys are nice, especially when you get arrgo from your pet. The slow on some of them keeps the mob at bay, while you can nuke all the damage you please. The toxic mist also keeps arrgo and Inferior Cactopods actually KITE mobs. ^^

Molten Ant Soldier(Lv22) - This tamable mob from Human FB19 is really good. Lv2 pierce and Lv2 bash, nice starting skills for sure. This little bugger is like the magmite of the insect world. It's high accuracy and evasion is really good in PvP and its small size doesnt crowd screen.

Sower of Flame(Lv63(?)) - Chicken from FB59. The ground-oriented cousin of the legendary Phoenix, this guy is an awesome lure pet for vitality venos. Its 9.2m/sec and high attack make it the Kowlin of birds. Phoenix must be proud.

Pinnaer Foxwing(Lv34) - REALLY good air PvE based pet. Good HP, decent atk, ok def, high speed. Has howl, which is REALLY important in air because it makes up for the damage penality.

Shallowhirl Turtle(Lv5) - This turtle is nice in its higher levels. Really one of the only worth leveling water pet. Pretty much the magmite of the seas, I bet his legendary dad, the Celestial Plumpfish is pleased.

End NotesConclusion
Vitality Build Venomancers are overall the best combination of Physical and Magical Defense. Decent Damage Output, makes you more then a glass cannon, it makes you a leather rifle! Anyways, I know this isn Ultimate or Perfect, but its a general overview. I will make edits later on, please make this a sticky!

Different Build Ratings
This is unbiased. I'm basing this off what Ive read and what my friends think. Some of it is done by caculations, anyways Lets get to it.

Pure Magic Venomancer - 5/5 in damage - 1.5/5 in defence
Leather Rifle Build - 4/5 in damage - 3/5 in defence
Metal Pistol Build - 3.5/5 in damage - 3.5/5 in defence
Light Armor Build Venomancer - 3/5 in damage 3/5 in defence(in PvP)
Heavy Armor Build Venomancer - 2.75/5 in damage 4.75/5 in defence

Thanks for viewing, please post some feedback! Thank you!
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