We are a family here at Forgotten and treat each other with respect, so have a lots of fun and lets bring this family into the light.
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 Want to join Forgotten?

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PostSubject: Want to join Forgotten?   Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:25 am

Welcome to Forgotten Guild Website.

Before applying, please read our guild rules on the main section of the site. This

may help you determine if forgotten is the right guild for you. If you disagree with the

guild rules, forgotten may not be in your best interest.

Ventrillo is a optional, All members should be able to communicate during TW by

using Ventrillo as a voice chat program. (no microphone required)

Level requirements are 40+, if you have a referral from a guild mate, your recruitment may be expedited.

Once your application is reviewed, an officer will contact you for an interview.

Thank you for your interest.

Character Name:



Your (Player) Age:

Current Guild:


Your Time Zone:

Do you plan on participating in Territory Wars:

Ever been kicked out of a guild:

Do you use Ventrillo:

Are you the sole user of this account?:

Why do you want to join?:

Indicate days you can TW:

How long have you played PW?:

Do you have alts? If so, please list:

Is this your main?:

Tell us about yourself:
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Want to join Forgotten?
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