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 Exp Farming: Zhenning for Dummies, 'n the less dumber - other ways too

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PostSubject: Exp Farming: Zhenning for Dummies, 'n the less dumber - other ways too   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:49 pm

The fastest and most simple way to farm/grind experience is prolly Zhenning ... fishing at lvl 80+ and AoE grinding with a partner is maybe a little more exp, but ALOT more work ... first portion will be for the lazy folks, will involve alot of afk ing, and even more running in circles ...

Zhen! Zhen! Zhen!!
~ zhen is chinese for "formation" or how the story goes ... and formation is key to zhenning ... simpliest forms of zhenning is a 6 man squad comprised:
1 cleric using "BB"/regeneration aura named BlueBall for the animation when its activated
3 DD's/Damage Dealers, exclusively to only archers using Barrage lvl 1-3 (3 is maxed later, dont go past 3 for extremes because of the mp cost at higher levels) or for wizards using DB/Dragon's Breath (should be as high as possible with accompanying Firemastery for faster kills)
2 lurers, ideally using a Barb for hp buff and a BM for +physical defense [in my runs class isnt as important as skills and having a mount; i rather have friends zhenning with me then jerks]

~ formation involves centering the cleric in the epicenter of monsters on the min map and usually form a triangle around the cleric with the DDs' ... DDs and cleric builds up chi ... if ur with archers(s), once chi is rdy for all archer(s) should duel with cleric and activate Barrage to kill cleric in duel; this causes barrage to "glitch" and keep running nonstop ... once BB is up, its time to lure and kill mobs ... DB should be put up as fast as possible, and plz try not to lose ur footing wizzies

~ cost: archers will always use up the most, if i recall correctly around 400k+arrows of their MP charm an hour ... clerics will alway pay generally the same price, 350k MP ... and wizards start off at around 300k and goes up as their DB goes higher ... lures are the only ones making profit from zhenning, so they are the most covented spot and the most hated within zhen groups

Spots for zhen:
*approximate coordinates will be added later
lvl 50-60ish: "sumthing" theives
60-69: saltspray "sumthing"
70-79: rocken wolves
80-89+: "sumthing"Spiders
89+: Heaven/Hell area
** correct names will be filled in later
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PostSubject: Zhen Luring 101: Don't forget to loot!!   Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:01 pm

One of the most vital roles for zhenning is the lurer ... they are the most crucial role in determining how much possible exp can be earned in an hour ... u can only kill wat u can bring to the DD range ... its not that hard, but so many ppl fail at it, horribly ...

Free Lessons:
#1. get a mount! if ur poor, u better be a lower lvl barb or BM and noob zhenners think its ok ... not really an issue until u zhen lvl 70+ imo ... increase efficiency by 10-20%; u can aggro faster and lure farther away

#2. lure outside in! lure mobs that are farthest away first and move in closer to nearby mobs because mobs have a set aggro range and time

#3. no double luring!! if u see a lurer in ur direction, turn around and lure other side ... absolutely moronic to lure same mobs other lurers is luring ... lurers should be like two N or two S poles

#4. pick up my loot bish!! for the love of god plz pick up drops occasionally ... press either shift or alt + click or use ur auto-pickup (press "e" and set it on ur bar for faster pick up)

#5. random ish! dont go too far out to lure because mobs wont come back; make sure ur mob follows u before moving on

#6. focus, focus, focus!! dont chat, dont cook dinner, dont watch tv, youtube, porn, etc while ur a lurer ... output rate will drop about 10-20% when noob lurers or amateurs that do this crap ... sum can multitask, most cant despite their delusions
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PostSubject: Fishing for the elderly: 80+   Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:07 pm

Once u get tired of questing, zhenning, AoE grinding and are lvl 80+, u should start fishing for exp

Fishing= killing creatures in the sea, namely Sea of Desolation?
- lvl 88? mobs in the ocean with low-ish hp
- best done in a group of 3-6 members, the more the merrier
- usually barbs and BM's arent popular here but ppl have allowed a looter as a fishing member

Basically, get a group of players who are mostly or all ranged DD"s and get together to kill creatures in the sea ... there are a lot of enemies in the sea that spawn quickly also ... u wanna try to fight together as a squad, kill them as fast as u can together to minimize damage taken

Friends tell me its better or as good as zhen, but always cheaper atleast ... Im not a fisher, im a afk zhenner
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PostSubject: Re: Exp Farming: Zhenning for Dummies, 'n the less dumber - other ways too   

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Exp Farming: Zhenning for Dummies, 'n the less dumber - other ways too
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